Comparison to 1.x

Pykwiki 2.x offers several improvements. The most notable of these is the single-theme concept. To customize the look and feel of Pykwiki 1.x, a user would need to edit their themes HTML files. In Pykwiki 2.x, a user can simply edit the settings.scss file to easily change major style components of Pykwiki.

Pykwiki 1.x Pykwiki 2.x
Look and Feel Uses full themes Single theme uses scss via styles1
Uploads Uses uploads/ directory Uses extension list in config to find all matching files2
TPL Extension Requires source/*.tpl Can use source/*.tpl or source/tpl/*.tpl
Nested Menus One level deep Up to two levels deep via sections
  1. This allows Pykwiki to ensure theme html files are always up to date.
  2. This allows users to specify file types by extension that will be uploaded to the docroot.